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We believe in the power of community, that we should cooperate and provide the opportunity and support to those who want to develop, and achieve their individual goals with our help!

Therefore, as a result of individual and group initiatives of young and adult volunteers, we have implemented a number of programs aimed at the local community. The purpose of community programs is to train and educate the community on a particular topic. This is how the TEDx Sfântu Gheorghe conference was born and this is how the Tandem cycling school program was born. Every year, through various partnerships of the Erasmus+ program, several young and adult volunteers participate in various exchanges of experience and learning both in the country and abroad.


TED is a global conference series (Technology, Entertainment, Design). The theme of the conferences is expressed by the organizers’ main slogan: “ideas worth spreading”. TEDxs are standalone TED events smaller than a TED event with up to 10,000 people. TEDx events are non-profit, but sometimes there is an entry fee….



We believe in DEVELOPMENT, we believe that professional and quality development is essential to surpass ourselves! The Erasmus+ program supports and gives us the opportunity to realize this belief, as the overall objective of Erasmus+ projects is to support people’s academic progress and professional and personal development in the fields of education, training, youth and sport in Europe and outside Europe through learning throughout life….



Our Tandem program was launched in 2017 with the aim of teaching the correct use of the bicycle as well as teaching how to use it correctly as well as promoting cycling as a way of life. As a first step, we developed the curriculum and teaching materials that formed the program’s backbone and published a self-published cycling manual.


Media literacy

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