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Turul Office

The Turul Office has worked for the community since 2007, focusing on growth and professionalism. We believe that we can offer our community members the opportunity to develop voluntarily and cooperatively, thereby contributing not only to our progress but also to the progress of our environment. We consider organizational independence necessary, but also individual autonomy, we consider fairness, because we give everyone as much as they need and we do everything with pleasure.

Our mission

The mission of the Turul Office is to operate a community space where generations strive to develop their skills and environment in close cooperation. We would like to become a meeting point where, under the influence of the link between generations, through cooperation, the development of individual skills takes place. In this way, our aim is to provide the opportunity to implement ideas and initiatives that benefit our community, be it children, young people or adults.

Our goals
    1. Implementation of educational and development programs for the local community
    2. Volunteering as an exercise of value and providing opportunities
    3. Initiating real collaborations at local, regional and international levels
    4. Building a bridge for intergenerational interoperability.

We believe:

  • IN COMMUNITY, because in cooperation, opportunities and support must be given to those who want to develop, to realize their individual dreams with our help!
  • IN DEVELOPING, professional and quality development is essential to surpass ourselves!
  • IN INDEPENDENCE, as a healthy community consists of confident and independent individuals, at the same time we also consider organizational independence important!
  • IN FAIRNESS, we believe treating each other consciously, consistently and ethically is essential!
  • IN PLEASURE OF WORK, we consider that when we work for our community, we and others feel good too!
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