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President, Project Manager

Furus Levente

Creating something is always an arduous task. It is even harder to maintain. In my work and volunteering, I have always strived to create something of value with my colleagues. I believe that we are the creators of our destiny and that we must always strive for our good and permanence, and I try to convey and demonstrate this approach to the participants in our programmes, with varying degrees of success.
DOFE and volunteer coordinator

Gheorghiță Raymond

I have been volunteering and working with young people for more than ten years and I believe that we need to create opportunities for young people to try themselves in different fields. This can be fruitful for everyone in the long run and in many areas. I consider the role of the civil sphere in the life of the community and the honest and respectful behaviour of people to be very important.
Educational, financial and project consultant

Oláh Katalin

„“Man can never think of his own will except freely!” Immanuel Kant
In my works and collaborations, I have always been interested in combining free ideas and novelty. Within the Turul Office, I participate in the brainstorming, writing and management of many projects. I am glad that both my professional and volunteer interests can be developed here. I believe that our programs lead to the development of young people, children and the community!

Sopoian Réka

For an NGO to be able to fulfil its role and achieve its mission in a community, it is important that it can effectively and transparently engage and mobilize community resources, be they human, material or even monetary. Generating funds means building relationships and a network of friends.
Project manager

Zsuzsa Rétyi

The world is full of nice people. If you can't find one, be one." - Nishan Panwar
I believe in the power of the community and the ability of people to be kind, that being warm-hearted is worth it. I am an active and enthusiastic participant in various areas of community service, wholeheartedly, for all those who are willing to take the first step for themselves. This is also reflected in my professional life. I commit myself with all my skills and abilities to the implementation of the planned activities and the achievement of the desired results. By the way: you can ask me anything, if I don't know the answer, I'll search for it...

Adult volunteers

Volunteering is a way of life. Openness to other people and a cause. For the sustainable operation of the Turul Office, our adult volunteer team, who have been helping and supporting the association’s work for several years, as volunteer instructors of Berde Mózsa, or as mentors of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program, or even volunteers of other educational programs, is indispensable.

Young volunteers

Volunteering is a form of learning and development. Our team of young volunteers is the active core of the Turul Office. They are the enthusiastic initiators and implementers of many projects, which they carry out primarily for the development of their age group. Week after week during meetings, our young people tirelessly come up with ideas and organise programs for the local community.